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Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms apply to all visitors

    These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors to our Website

  2. We are a private South African company that provide software solutions and support services

    LinomthaID (‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’) is a South African company that provide software solutions and apps, support, software maintenance, training and consulting services to governments. Our details are:

    • LinomthaID (Pty) Ltd.

    • Company registration number: 2021/791249/07

    • Registered Address: 7 Ashby Road, Cape Town 7435, South Africa

    • Telephone: +27 (73) 212 1783

    • Email:

    • Directors: Avril Isaacs, Charles Isaacs, Michael Kratz

  3. This Website is subject to our copyright. You may only use the content subject to these conditions and our with our permission

    The LinomthaID website can be found at (the ‘Website’). All the content on the Website is subject to our copyright. You may use (‘using’ includes copying, downloading, amending, publishing, broadcasting and sending by means of the internet) any content on this Website:

    • For your personal information purposes only without obtaining our prior permission.

    • For commercial purposes but only if we have provided our prior written permission for you to do so. Please send us your request for permission to

    If you use the content of this website for private or commercial reasons, you must include this copyright notice: © LinomthaID (Pty) Ltd. – All Rights Reserved.


  4. We reserve all our intellectual property rights

    Unless it is clearly indicated otherwise, all the content, trademarks and data on our website, including software, databases, text, graphics, icons, hyperlinks, private information, and designs are our property or licensed to us, and as such, are protected from infringement by domestic and international legislation and treaties. 

    Any licence that we may grant to you to use our copyright as set out in these terms may be revoked at any time by us at our discretion and is a non-exclusive licence.

  5. You must keep your login details safe

    We may give you access (by means of a username and password) to certain restricted parts of our website where you can view and download information intended specifically for you. You must keep these details secret. If you become aware that someone else knows your username and password you must inform us immediately. You are responsible for any action taken relating to your username and password unless you have indicated to us in good time that the secrecy of these details has been compromised.

  6. We keep no personal information of ordinary users of our Website

    We do not have (or need) a privacy policy for ordinary visitors of our Website as we only have de-identified data on how people use our Website.

    If you are our customer or give us your information for any other reason, we do have personal information about you (and your employees) and that personal information is subject to our privacy policy which can be found here.

  7. We will not be liable for any loss you suffer if you rely on our content

    We will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature that you may suffer if you rely on the content of the Website. This includes any reliance on a third party website that we reference in our Website or any malicious code (such as a virus) which may come from this Website (although we do our best to prevent this). Please take appropriate expert advice and take appropriate security measures to avoid suffering any damage.

  8. This Website is provided ‘as-is’ and we make no warranties about it

    The Website is provided ‘as is’. This means that we make no representations or warranties in relation to this Website.

  9. Specifically, we do not warrant that:

    • This Website will be constantly available or available at all;

    • The information on this website is true, accurate, complete or not misleading.

     This does not apply to any warranties imposed by legislation which cannot be excluded.

  10. The most recent version of these Terms and Conditions applies

    We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. You will be subject to that version of these Terms and Conditions that is applicable at the time visited this Website. Older versions of these Terms and Conditions and the dates on which they were effective are available on request.

  11. South African law applies to this Website

    LinomthaID is a South African company governed by South African law. If you want to raise any issue with us or if you have a dispute for any reason then South African law will apply.

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